5 Best Ways To Apply Liquid Eyeliner



Applying liquid liner is not the easiest task but if you utilize the following steps, it is possible to apply liquid eyeliner in a way that resembles makeup artists. There are also online videos you can watch that allow you to see how the instructor puts on the eyeliner and you can follow along with her during the course of the tutorial. Your friends and relatives can also give suggestions on the best methods of applying the eyeliner if you are not skilled in it. Here are 5 tips on eyeliner application.


1. Choose The Best Color

Before you begin the application, you want to choose a color that matches your eye color or mascara color.







This could be a black, dark brown or tan-colored liquid eyeliner. The purpose of liquid eyeliner is to add thickness and create the illusion of larger eyes so in this case black is the ideal color to use for a liquid eyeliner.

2. Keep Steady By Resting Your Elbow

You do not want the eyeliner to look wobbly or crooked-looking and you also do not want the eyeliner to smudge as you put it on so when applying the liquid eyeliner, it is important that you rest your elbow on a hard surface when putting the eyeliner on.

Image Source: stylesglamour

3. Get Those Eyelids In Order

It is also necessary that you prepare your eyelids since good-looking eyelids are beneficial in wearing liquid eyeliner properly. First wash your face all over with a facial cleanser and then dry it off with a cloth. After you do this you want to put an eyelid primer on the eyelids in a color that best suits your style and that also matches the eyeliner.