5 Biggest Hair Myths Revealed



A lot of hair myths exist but we will start with five of the biggest hair myths. One myth is the rumor that one person’s hair grows slower than someone else’s hair but this is not true because all hair grows at the same rate and brittle hair usually grow at an half inch. Another common hair myth is the belief that a layered hairstyle means your hair is layered in numbers but this is not the case. In fact, your hair is layered when cut it in different angles then blend them together.

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Some people feel it is fine to dye your hair when you are pregnant but this is not true at all. Others say that if you got a bad perm a few years ago, your hair is damaged but this is not true because that perm had already grown out of your hair by this time and you had regrowth of hair since the bad perm. Here are other common hair myths. Finally, it is not true that shaving will make your hair thicker.

Hair Growth Myths

A common hair growth myth is that if you brush it often, your hair will grow. But this is not true and in fact you lose more hair if you brush your hair in excess. Another hair growth myth is that your hair growth slows down as your hair becomes longer. This is partially true because one of the main reasons your hair growth would slow down is because you have not trimmed your split ends. But if your ends are trimmed, your hair should continue to grow even after it gets longer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE