5 Biggest Hair Myths Revealed


Black Hair Growth Myths

A common black hair growth myth is that if you cut your hair, it will grow back healthier and faster. However, since you are cutting the damaged hair, it will not make it grow any faster.  Another myth is that black hair is a lot stronger than the hair textures of other ethnicities. The truth is that a black woman’s hair is more susceptible to damage due to the coarseness of the hair.  If you want to have healthy hair growth, you should use essential oils and organic hair greases to keep the scalp moisturized on a regular basis to prevent breakage. Also stay away from excess use of chemical relaxers. Some black women feel that their hair will never grow long but if they care for it correctly, it can get longer.


Numerous hair myths exist but the best way to combat this is by getting accurate and up to date information on how your hair can grow properly. Your hairdresser and dermatologist can also offer tips on how to have healthy hair.