5 Easy Braided Hair Options


Amazing Braided Hairstyles For Any Occasion

Having long hair means you have innumerable style options at your disposal. However, long hair also requires more maintenance as well. Thankfully, you can go with a braided hair option that provides great variety while being easy to do and keeping your hair in place all day.

Having braided hair offers you many advantages, not the least of which is that your hair stays put and requires less maintenance.

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But there is that feeling that braiding hair takes considerable time and effort and with some styles that is certainly true. However, there are five easy braided hair options that you can choose which are simple to create and easy to maintain.

Over the Shoulder
The easiest braided hairstyl around- all you need to do is pull all of your hair to one side and braid it all the way down. If you miss some hair or some of it comes loose, this actually makes it look better and more natural. For those who want a quick braiding option with little fuss, this is the way to go.
The Milkmaid
This is one of the most popular braided hair options. Create two pigtails using traditional French braiding and then cross them behind your head and secure them together. This simple, yet elegant style looks far more sophisticated than it is to pull off.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE