5 Easy Braided Hair Options


Tie Back
This is a very simple braid style that is accomplished by braiding the hair in front of each ear, then pulling each one to the back of the head and securing them together. You can also fluff the hair that is underneath once you are done, but that is optional. This is a very simple and beautiful hairstyle that also keeps your hair out of the way as well.

Easy Braided Hair
Easy Braided Hair

Image Source: abeautifulmess
This is a highly attractive braiding style that requires only two sections of hair instead of the normal three that you use for braiding. On the back of your head, simply split the hair down the middle and take a small piece from the outside right side and cross it to the inside of the left section. Next, take a small section from the outside of the left section and cross it inside the right. Repeat until you have a couple of inches of hair left and leave it loose while letting it flow over one shoulder.

The Fringe Braid
If you are not happy with your bangs, you can use this interesting braid to create a very appealing look. French braid your bangs from the front area that is closest to the natural part in your hair, then tie them off once they are out of the way. This is a wonderful option that allows you to cover up the fact that you didn’t wash your hair this morning so you can get another day from your overall style.
These five braids are simple, easy to do and very elegant when completed. These are the five braided hair options that you can choose to create a new, pleasing look every day.