5 Great Ways To Get Your Eyebrows Looking Fantastic



If you want your eyebrows to look better, you can use eyebrow makeup to breathe life into your eyebrows. You can find high quality eyebrow makeup at the drugstore, online retailers and sometimes mail-order catalogs. Before you apply the eyebrow makeup, you first want to tweeze and shape your eyebrows so that they will look beautiful after applying the eyebrow makeup. The next thing you would do is go over your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and fill in spaces in your eyebrows. Then you would apple eyebrow shadow to the brows for a defined look. Here are 5 additional tips on making the eyebrows look amazing with eyebrow makeup.

1. Filling In Eyebrows Properly

To properly fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow makeup, you first should choose a color that best suits your style and skin tone. Once you do this you would apply a matte eyeshadow because you do not want to apply shimmery eyeshadow to your eyebrows since it draws too much attention to the brows. Then get an eyeliner brush and apply the eyeshadow in light strokes. Then get an eyebrow pencil and fill in open spaces in the brows.

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2. Put On Brow Powder

Brow powder is an excellent way to apply eyebrow makeup to your eyebrows and here is how you would do it. The first thing you should do is brush the brows in an angled direction and then you would put the colored pigment on top of your brows. Finally, you would apply warm brow wax to the brows so the color stays on them.

3. Eyebrow Gel

This is another great way to add pizzazz to your eyebrow makeup because it gives the makeup the extra shine. You would apply the eyebrow gel once you added the brow powder and eye pencil coloring to your brows. If you use eyebrow gel often, you should buy the gel in bulk and in multiple colors such as brown and black.


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