5 Habits You Need to Get Rid of If You Want to be Happy



If you want to be happy, you will first need to desire to make the necessary changes in order to have true happiness. You cannot find happiness in your spouse, children, career, possessions or even your service to others because this is often done out of a selfish motive, which is to feel a sense of self-gratification by helping others. It will also take months if not years to develop permanent good habits that will ensure real happiness for a long time.

 1) Get Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

This is important because many people have expectations that are too high and as a result they have a hard time dealing with adversity and rejection in life. You have to realize that not everything in life will go your way perfectly, and you will also experience failures in life. In addition, there are times when you may lose your motivation and you may get depressed at times. The key is to not throw away your happiness when tough times come.






2) Practice Gratitude Each Day

Sometimes it is easier to be ungrateful about where your life is going at the moment but how often do you stop and show gratitude for the blessings you have? Think about the fact that you are alive and in good health today, and think about loved ones you get to talk to on the phone and visit on a regular basis. Consider the warm affection of your spouse and you should also think about how you can walk out and enjoy your neighborhood without the high crime rates that may exist in nearby neighborhoods.

3) Pass On Your Happiness To Others

This is important because you should not keep the happiness to yourself if there others you know who are hurting and are in need of learning how to be happy no matter how bad things get. Visit homeless shelters in your neighborhood and share your story of how you struggled to find happiness and how you finally learned to be happy. Offer to take your neighbors’ children on an outing and have fun with them.