5 Jeweled Nail Decorations



Sure you can wear the usual bold colored nail polish or glittery nail polish but while these are great on your nails, you can also have jeweled nail decorations on your nails for a more glamorous look. You can create these kind of nails by visiting an arts and crafts store and buying the jewels, glue and other necessary supplies to have jeweled nail decorations.

1. Tips on Doing Jeweled Nail Art

Once you choose the jewels you want for decorating your nails, you would then give yourself a manicure or visit the nail shop to get the manicure. Well-structured nails are essential to having beautiful jeweled nails. After the manicure you can apply the nail polish and let the polish dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Then put the jewels on your nails and the look is complete and you can put additional polish on the jewels so that they will not fall off the nails.





2. Jeweled Acrylic Nails

Some arts and crafts stores and beauty supply stores sell acrylic nails with jewels on them that you can put on your nails if you do not have time to do the jeweled nails yourself. The acrylic nails come in a variety of designs and they are easy to maintain. These nails are best worn on social outings or costume parties.

3. Birthstone Nail Decorations

Another idea is to put nail decorations on your Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "13-ancient-egyptian-beauty-secrets" that pertain to your birthstone. For example, if your birthday is in September, you can put tiny sapphire stones on your nails and have white nail polish as the background for the birthstone nails. If your birthstone is pearls, you can paint your nails nude then apply the pearl nail decorations to the nails.