5 Most Popular Home Workout Solutions + VIDEO


Eating healthy foods is important in weight loss but you also need to supplement a good diet with exercise. While you can always visit the gym and get in physical exercise, not everyone can afford a gym membership and some people feel intimidated by working out in a gym. If this sounds like you then you should purchase home workout tools so you can exercise in the privacy of your home. You can also utilize apps that are designed for those who want to workout at home and there are plenty of DVDs you can buy to help you exercise.

1.      Aerobics Exercises

 If you want an effective and quick home workout, do thirty to forty minutes of aerobics exercises per day because it enables you to burn fat within a short period of time within weeks or months. Before you start the workout you should warm up the body by doing a few stretches because it helps your body become flexible while exercising.







Some good ways to do aerobics exercises at home include walking or running up and down the stairs, dancing to music in the living room, playing sports in the backyard, jumping rope with the kids or walking around the neighborhood.

2.      Lifting Weights

 If you have a home gym in your basement, you should do weightlifting and isometrics exercises to tone your muscles. These are good exercises to do if you recently lost a lot of weight and are interested in building muscle or eliminating some of the sagging from the weight loss. When you build muscle it is less difficult to lose weight. In addition to weightlifting, you can do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts and exercises involving dumbbells.