5 Most Popular Home Workout Solutions + VIDEO


3.      Good Home Workouts for Men

 Interval training is a popular home workout for men and this combines high-intensity workouts with low-intensity exercises. You can start interval training by walking or jogging for ten minutes and then you would proceed to eight minutes of high-intensity exercises such as playing basketball, running, kickboxing or dancing. This is a stop-and-start workout that is good for weight loss. Aerobics is another good home workout for men.

4. Other Good Home Workout Tips

 Planning your workout routine is important when you have a hectic schedule so you want to squeeze in thirty minutes or an hour of exercise into your schedule. If you work early in the morning and come home in the afternoon hours, you can work out right before dinner and again before going to bed. You do not need to buy expensive equipment because you can use items you have at home. If you have a bike, you can go on a bike ride for twenty to thirty minutes a day. If your child has a trampoline, you and the child can exercise together on it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE