5 Natural Makeup Tips


3. Keep The Glitter Away

To achieve the most natural look with your makeup, you should not wear glittery makeup because this is too flashy for a natural look. If you are wearing lip gloss for example, choose lip gloss in matte finish and in natural colors such as beige, light pink, tan or a coral color. For your nails, use clear or nude nail polish.

4. Use Brown Instead of Black Mascara

Black mascars is not the best for achieving the natural look because black mascara is better for using if you want a dramatic look that will make your eyes be the focus of attention. Instead it is better to wear brown mascara since it goes better with the neutral tones you wear with the natural look. Be sure to apply the brown mascara in such a way that it will not clump or smudge.

5. Curl Your Eyelashes

Another way to achieve a natural makeup look is to curl your eyelashes because it opens your eyes so that they will appear bigger if you naturally have small eyes. You can find eyelash curlers at drugstores, online retailers and beauty supply stores.


Not all women want to wear dramatic makeup¬†and with natural makeup, they can look fabulous in a low-key way. When you wear natural makeup, you should wash off the makeup at night so that you will not develop acne and that your face will not be dirty. The good thing about wearing natural makeup is that others will see your face’s natural beauty and even if you have skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis, wearing natural makeup can hide the imperfections effectively. Finally, natural makeup is great for those who are on a tight budget and who cannot buy a lot of makeup.