5 of the most Interesting Restaurants



Tired of eating at the same restaurant every time you go out? There are some restaurants that are extremely exciting to go to and eat it. Whether it’s the setting or the food, this is a list of the restaurants that are the most interesting and are definitely worth trying if you are in the area and want to visit an experience of a lifetime.

1. Ninja New York is at the top of a list

This is a restaurant that is located in Manhattan, NY at 25 Hudson Street and this is a Japanese food place where there are live Ninja’s that will start street fighting in front of the customers. The entire restaurant has been designed to look like an old Ninja Village and this is extremely entertaining throughout the whole experience.


 2. The Safe House is a place for all of you Secret Agent fans

This is actually a hidden restaurant that is located within the International Exports LTD and you have to provide them with a password before you can come in. If you do not have the correct password then you have to perform a crazy task which is actually broadcast live inside of the restaurant. This is an exciting way for you to escape and get into character for the night. You can relax and enjoy the environment, while also feeling like you’re in a scene of a movie. This is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE