5 of the most Interesting Restaurants


3. The Opaque

The Opaque is a restaurant that might be a little bit easier to find being that it is in multiple areas. You can find one in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, NY and in Dallas. It is said that when you lose all five of your senses that the rest of them are extremely heightened. This is a place where you can see for yourself. This is a meal that you will eat in the dark completely and you have to use your sense of smell and taste in order to enjoy your meal. There are many of these chains where the waiters and waitresses are legally blind where they experience their meals like this every day. This is a place that forces you to focus all of your energy on the food and now what you see.

4. Forbes Island

Forbes Island is a restaurant that is located in San Francisco. This is a man made device that actually floats on top of the Bay. There are a couple of ways that you can dine at this restaurant, you can do it underwater next to a fireplace or around the base of the lighthouse and watch the sun set on the water. Either way, it is an amazing experience with a fantastic selection of food.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE