5 of the Most Popular Places to Visit in NYC


If you are in the NY area, and you are looking for some places to visit, then consider the following. For those who have lived there, they are more than aware of the beauty in these locations, and all of them are fitting for a whole family, group of people, for a solo traveler or for a couple. These locations will definitely keep you entertained and allow you to enjoy your trip that much more.

1. Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns which is located in Howe’s Cave is usually on the top of the list for travelers who are aware of the location. This is in Upstate New York; it’s a 6 million-year-old cave that is 160 feet below the ground level. There are a couple of fantastic tours that usually last approximately an hour. This will give you the ability to see the cavern walls and there are boats that will travel on an underground waterway. You can even explore this cave by lantern and there are also zip line courses and mountain-climbing tours to take.

2. Cooperstown

In Cooperstown, there is a rural village where people live and perform daily tasks as if they were living in an earlier period of time. There is a 19th century area, where there are taverns, blacksmiths and general stores.


 They have very entertaining events year round where people will act out many tasks, there is a Candle Lit Evening where there are horse-drawn carriages riding through the snow, cauldrons and fires scattered throughout. This is a spectacular thing to see being that the people who live there truly enjoy living their lives that way. They do so for the pure purpose of separating themselves from our current society – there are also museums that will talk about these people who are categorized as ‘actors,’ but are real people making a choice to live their lives that way.

3. Alexandria Bay

In Alexandria Bay, there is a place that is called Boldt Castle, which actually has an unfortunate history behind it. This was built by a man named George Boldt, on Heart Island for the purpose of surprising his wife with it. She had died unexpectedly and so he demanded that this castle stopped being built. This is a castle that can now be toured; travelers can visit all the rooms, archways, and they can also sit around and have lunch enjoying the heart-shaped islands and boats that drift through. There is a beautiful staircase and plenty of things to admire and explore. Tourists can also take the ferry or take a ride on Uncle Sam’s Boat, which will take the travelers through the international waters.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE