5 Products and Tips for Fast Hair Growth



The long hair is a sign of health and beauty. The long hair is a target for almost every woman who want to be amazing and want the eyes of every passing man on her. All this sounds great by now, but unfortunately the hair growth is very relative and difficult aim. It depends on numerous factors like age, weather, food, living habits and overall health. Having in mind these factors and having the adequate knowledge, you can learn the secret of the faster hair growth, although there is no scientific formula which can stimulate hair growth. We will share 5 tips and 5 products with you, mwhich will influence your hair growth positively.

Do you know that the hair of an average healthy person grows about half an inch per month.

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Which means that the hair growth per a year would be at about six inches. This depends of course on many factors. Here are 5 tips which will encourage fast hair growth.

1 Avoid the every day washing of your hair. This will seriously exhaust your hair.
2 Massage the scalp of your head. This influences not only your hair, but your blood circulation too.
3 Eat and live healthy. Respect yourself.
4 Handle your hair with care.
5 Trim hair regularly.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your hair is the change of your habits. This will surely influence your hair growth. Your hair needs proper care. This care consists of minimizing the heat treatments, the chemical treatments and even the frequency of washing. If you do these procedures every day, you do not help your hair. Start with the changing in your hair washing: wash your hair two to three times a week. Wash it with warm water, as the hot water dries out the hair and lead to brittle and dry hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE