5 Quick Tips to Blast Arm Fat


2. Pull-ups or modified pull-ups are excellent exercises that use your own body weight as resistance when building muscles in your arms and toning up the whole arm area. Try holding yourself in position instead of moving rapidly for even better results.
3. Weighted wrist rotation is an exercise that strengthens your entire arm and shoulder and helps reduce the look of unsightly arm fat by creating a toned and sleek upper arm area. Use small hand weights and extend your arms in front of you while rotating your wrist up and inward.
4. Any exercise that works on your triceps, such as triceps extensions done by lifting your arms up behind you while using perfect control of your muscles, can help get rid of arm fat and sagging. You can also sit down on the mat or the floor, put your arms behind you and do a backwards push-up to work or triceps muscles.
5. Stretching your arms is an easy activity you can do at home or in the office. It can help strengthen your arms and create a sleeker silhouette.

Any exercise the targets the triceps, upper arms or the whole arm can be beneficial to reduce the appearance of sagging arm fat and give you a more attractive appearance. Not only will you look great in your tank top next summer but you will be much healthier and stronger as well.