5 Secret To Perfect Hair Extensions


Many women wear extensions but are bothered as to how visible they are when they do not style their hair completely. This is a beloved accessory for women who want long and luscious length because of what it brings to their look. There are ways to blend in these extensions so that they look real and blend in with your natural hair pieces. Synthetic extensions are extremely easy to remove and put in, in order to achieve the perfect look.

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1. In order to blend extensions you are going to need to know what type of length of hair you have and the thickness of it. The extensions need to blend in with your hair so that the thickness of the additions matches the thickness of your own hair.

2. You will want to practice putting those pieces in. Make sure that you have bobby pins with you on pieces that are toward the bottom and tend to be a little bit heavier. This is going to ensure that throughout the day they stay in. Clip in human Hair Extensions are very popular amongst those who seek long locks because the clips are strong and the pieces of hair are thick so that it blends in well with your hair.


3. When you are applying them you should part your hair so that you can start out with the bottom pieces. These are the largest and most important being that they are most visible to others. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the front end of your head. You will put less and less extensions toward the front being that the thickness should stem from the bottom and from the back of your head.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE