5 Secret Tricks of Makeup Artists



Secret #1
Perfect eyelashes.
What do you do if while you are applying mascara, you accidentally mark your already shaded eyeliner-applied eyelid? Take a cotton swab, cotton ball or simply rub your finger on the soiled spot? Makeup is ruined. You have to repeat your shading procedure all over again. The color may be uneven, you might be in a bad mood, especially if there’s no time for a re-do and you are terribly late for a date.
Makeup artists have a small secret that will allow you avoid all of these uncomfortable moments.
To apply mascara and avoid marking your eyelid, put your pinky finger on the eyelid along the lashes and gently push. Thus, the eyelashes are slightly raised and lie on the surface of your finger. Then take the mascara and apply to your eyelashes.

Secret Tricks of Makeup
Secret Tricks of Makeup

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This method not only allows you to cover each eyelash, but at the same time to comb through the lashes, achieving an ideal separation without damaging the eye makeup. Your pinky is stained, but you can easily wash it off with water.

Secret #2
Plump lips.
How do you make your lips more visually plump? The most common method to giving lips a fuller appearance is to apply gloss or pearlescent lipstick. Visually increase your lip volume. You can also use a lip liner and trace slightly wider than your actual lips. These are secrets that most every girl knows.
But there is another secret that will allow you to make your lips more seductive and fuller.
To give the upper lip more volume, you will need highlight (eg Mac) and standard small brush. Before you apply lipstick, apply a few light strokes above the upper lip near the bend, slightly exceeding the borders of the lips, creating a brilliant contour. Then apply the lipstick as usual. Highlight above the upper lip will your lips more volume and accentuate them. Additionally, no one will notice that you used anything to give the effect of more voluminous lips. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE