5 Secret Tricks of Makeup Artists when Applying new Makeup


Secret number 1.

Ideal eyelashes.

What do you do when you accidentally touch your eyelid that already has an eye shadow and eyeliner applied while applying mascara? Do you take a cotton swab, cotton wool or simply rub it with your finger? Makeup is ruined. We have to repeat the procedure with different eye shadows again. The color becomes uneven now and your mood is spoiled, especially when there’s no time to fix your make-up and you are terribly late for a date.

Makeup artists have a little secret that allows them to avoid such unpleasant moments.

Not to stain the eyelid while applying mascara, apply a pinky to the eyelid along the lash line and gently push it. In this new way, eyelashes rise up slightly and lie on the surface of the pinky. Then take mascara and apply to the eyelashes. This method allows to not only cover every eyelash, but at the same time to comb them, achieving a perfect separation of eyelashes without ruining the eye makeup. The pinky will be dirty, but it’s easy to wash.


 Secret number 2.

Puffy lips.

How to make your lips visually plumper? The most common way to make your lips visually plumper is to apply glitter or a pearly lipstick to the middle part of the lips. Visually the lip volume will increase. You can also contour your lips with a pencil not according to the contour of your lips but slightly farther. Every Russian girl probably knows this secret.

But there is one other secret that will allow you to make your lips fuller and more tempting.

You’ll need a highlighter (for example, Mac) and a usual small brush to give volume to the upper lip. Before you apply a bright lipstick, make a few light strokes on the upper lip in the new area of a whimsical bend, slightly exceeding the border of the lips, creating a brilliant contour. Then apply lipstick in a usual way. Highlighter above the upper lip will give an additional volume to the lips and accentuate them. Wherein, no one will notice that you have used something to give full effect of a large lip volume.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE