5 Secrets of Daytime Makeup


3. Wide Eyebrows

There is nothing that beautifies a face like well-groomed and expressive eyebrows. It’s more convenient to use shadow for drawing an eyebrow line. The dry structure looks more natural and doesn’t create rough lines. Using an angled brush, apply shadow to sparse areas between eyebrow hairs starting from those areas that visually lack color. Classic eyebrow shape is always in trend — a straight eyebrow with a slight curve.

 Daytime Makeup
Daytime Makeup

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4. Blush

Blend the blush on the apple of your cheeks. To find the right area, simply smile at yourself in the mirror. The guarantee of a healthy face color is using a light cream blush. Delicate gel or cream texture will be an ideal option for a frosty weather. Using this type of blush, you can also give your lips a fresh highlight, or vice versa. If you happen to have only a lipstick in your purse, you can refresh your makeup applying it with your fingertips on your lips and cheeks.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE