5 Secrets That Contribute to the Success of Professional Makeup Artists


Many people find makeup to be a little complicated. There are many ways of properly applying makeup, though people always like making it to sound like it is not a simple thing to do, when it is really very simple. These are some of the easiest tricks and steps for applying makeup like a pro.

1.      Make Sure Face is Well Hydrated

The first step in applying makeup is having a clean and well-hydrated face so that the makeup will look smooth and beautiful with minimal flaws. Start by washing your face with an all natural facial cleanser and then you would dry your face and apply a small amount of facial moisturizing lotion on your face.






2.      Apply a Good Primer to the Face

Before you put the regular makeup on your face you would apply primer to your face because this lays the foundation for the concealer and other makeup. You can find makeup primer at drugstores, beauty supply stores and online retailers. Make sure you apply the primer evenly throughout your face for a uniform look.

3.      Always Use Concealer

Concealer should always be used when you put on makeup because it does a good job of masking the dark circles under your eyes, puffiness and redness from acne on the face. You want to buy a concealer that matches your skin tone and you can have the beauty salesperson test the concealer on your face to make sure you are buying the right shade for your your skin tone. If you have allergies, look for a non-allergic concealer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE