5 Shiny Metallic Polishes



Metallic polishes are at the top of the list for fashion forward nails and it is by far the season’s hottest trend. There are light translucent shades and high intensity colors that are guaranteed to add some glamour and creativity to your look. There is indefinitely a shade for every style that you wear. Even wearing a formal outfit, there are shades that will blend in with it. Check out these five most popular metallic polishes that women are choosing from to spice it up.

1. Pearl and Translucent Shade

You can get used to the metallic hue first by going for the pearl and translucent shade. This is going to give you shimmer and color without going over the edge. It isn’t overpowering and the pearly queen color which is made by Rimmel is the closest thing to these two features.







2. Two Toned Shades

Metallic polishes are fantastic because they can give the effect that the color is actually changing in different lighting. This is going to depend on what place the color hits. There is a polish made by Chanel that is called Peridot. This creates an ombre effect for your nails. OPI and Deborah Lippman also makes some nail polishes that are similar in a gold and green color.

3. Copper Metallic Shade

You can make the metallic a bit warmer in the fall season with a luxe copper shade. This is very warm and golden which makes it just as stylish as a bold silver color. Butter London has created a beautiful copper color in their winter collection which does cost a bit more. Sally Hansen and Revlon also make colors that stand out in copper shades.