5 Superfoods for Making Your Nails to Grow



Have you thought about different ways your nails can grow without resorting to the latest quick fix fads? You can make your nails grow just by eating delicious superfoods that benefit your health in amazing ways. Many of these superfoods can be found in the supermarket and at natural health food stores. If you are not sure which superfoods work the best for your nails, talk with your doctor or good friends for suggestions. Health magazines also have good advice on how superfoods can grow your nails.

1.      Salmon

The salmon is important in nail growth because the fish contains vitamin D, a vitamin that is important in stronger bones and nails. The effectiveness of the immune system is boosted by Vitamin D; in addition, the vitamin helps in skin, bone and nail health. Salmon contains the protein that helps in the growth of nails through the manufacture of collagen in the body, thus improving the growth of the skin, nail and hair.

2.      Eggs

Your nails need daily intakes of protein in order to be strong and healthy, and this is why eggs are a good option. Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, making it possible for the nails to grow.

3.      Spirulina

This is the deep sea algae usually sold as a powder, and though it has the ocean smell, it is arguably the most powerful beauty food you can ever find. Spirulina contains chlorophyll – the green pigment responsible for the green color of plants. Through chlorophyll, plants are able to grow and thrive through sunlight. The presence of chlorophyll in spirulina helps the skin, hair and nails to grow. It is also rich in Vitamin A, B12 and iron, thus making it possible for the easy growth of the nails.

4.      Coconut Oil

Fats are present in coconut, improving the appearance of your body. The medium chain trygleride fats of coconut oil help the liver in getting rid of toxins. The fats in coconut are also good for boosting immunity and metabolism. The fats can be used to nourish the body, and as they help in cleansing, they keep the body healthy by fueling nail growth. The fats can as well help in absorbing nutrients from many of the other foods you eat. Some of the fat soluble beauty vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K are need healthy fats to be absorbed, and with the help of coconut and coconut oil, the body can absorb properly.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE