5 Surprising Ways to Get Rid of Morning Breath for Good


2. Consider The Side Effects of Your Medications

Depending on the medicine you take, some medicines include bad breath and oral hygiene so if you feel this is the reason why you have constant morning breath, talk with the doctor who prescribed the medicines. Also bring the situation up to the dentist during the dental exam and he may offer other tips on curing bad breath…….Read more on the next page…

3. Get An Overall Physical Checkup

Sometimes you may need to get a physical checkup if you tried all of the above mentioned tips to get rid of your morning breath but are not working. Some people develop chronic bad breath as the result of an undiagnosed illness so when you visit the doctor for the checkup, tell him about your struggles to get rid of the bad breath.

4. Cut Back on Coffee, Smoking and Alcohol

These three things are harmful to oral health and they also lead to bad morning breath. If you struggle to quit smoking, there are anti-smoking products at the drugstore that are effective in helping you kick the habit. As for coffee and alcoholic beverages, you can drink these in moderation but after you drink them you need to clean your mouth well before going to bed.

5. Conclusion

Morning breath is annoying to those around you and it is unpleasant for you but if you take steps to prevent it in the first place the night before, you will have fresher breath the next day. If you need to hurry somewhere in the morning and are not able to brush and floss, grab some strong mints and a travel-size bottle of mouthwash with you.

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