3. Powder Makes Perfect
There is no substitute for dusting the eye lids with a thin layer of face powder before you apply the main eye shadow. This layer of power shields the eye shadow which is applied on top. It will be so much easier to transition the shades of eye shadow!
4. Dress to Press
Instead of taping your brush against something to remove the excess power try pressing the loaded brush against your palm gently. This will get the powder evenly distributed within the bristles. Your shadow will be applied more evenly! It’s a time saver, and the blending is much easier.

5. Strike a Pose
Don’t know if you have mastered your technique? You know how you are always snapping those of yourself with your phone? Well, snap one before you think you are finished with your makeup! The camera is able to translate the colors of the makeup into to shades that are much easier to see on your screen than in the mirror. For instances, yellow will seem much brighter on a phone screen than by looking in the mirror. You will be able to see areas that need more shading and you will be blown away by how awesome you look when you are finished!
By following these five tips consistently, you will begin to notice the difference in your makeup. You will have picture to prove that you look better. You can compare your new pictures with your old pictures and see the difference. When your girlfriends ask you why you look so awesome, and what new things you are doing; it’s okay not to tell. These five tips can be our little secret.