5 Tips For Wearing False Eyelashes Without The Hassle



Sometimes you may feel like looking very glamorous when going to your next party and if this sounds like you, you should consider false eyelashes because they add drama and a unique flair to your overall look. You can buy false eyelashes from beauty supply stores, some drugstores, mail-order catalogs and online retailers. False eyelashes also create the illusion of larger eyes and here are some tips on wearing false eyelashes with pizzazz.

1. Buy Eyelash Glue

False eyelashes come in long strips or as individual lashes but no matter which type of lashes you buy, you need to get eyelash glue because it ensures that you apply and wear the false eyelashes correctly. Do not go overboard in applying the eyelash glue because this makes the lashes appear unnatural and weird. Instead you want to use just the right amount of glue on the false eyelashes.






2. Choose The Best Eyelash Color

When purchasing false eyelashes, you want to choose a color that best matches your eyelash color. Some beauty experts say that if you are going out at night, jet black eyelashes are the best ones to buy since this color adds flair to your makeup routine. If you want a subtle look, dark brown eyelashes are a good choice. For those who are wearing dramatic costumes, colored glittery false eyelashes look excellent with these kinds of outfits.

3. Trim False Eyelashes If Needed

Because some false eyelashes extend longer than your own eyelashes, you may need to trim them before applying them to your natural eyelashes. When you trim the false eyelashes, you should first measure them against your natural eyelashes so that you will trim them the right way.