5 Tips, How to choose quality lipstick



Stylists say that lipstick with rich, red hues are booming this season. However, do bright red colors work for everyone’s face?

quality lipstick
quality lipstick

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If you want to choose lipstick that will look great on you and will not disappoint in quality, follow these recommendations from beauty experts.

1. Don’t believe that, in fancy boutique stores, you avoid buying knock offs, say our experts. You can! To verify the quality of a product, you should always ask the seller for a certificate for their products. They are required to show these to the buyer.

2. Lipstick color should harmonize with the skin tone and hair color. Girls with light colored skin and hair should not use bright colored lipstick, as it gives off an overly suggestive feeling. Blondes should choose toned down version of rose or pink or try dull down a bright lipstick with light beige. If a girl has a darker complexion and dark hair, then bright lipstick is, on the contrary, very fitting for her face. ….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE