5 Tips on Bridal Makeup



If you are going to wear bridal makeup successfully on your wedding day, waterproof makeup is the best makeup to use because if you are going to cry a lot on your wedding day, you will need makeup that will not easily smudge on your face or eyelids. As for your face, you should put foundation on it before applying the main makeup so that you will have a smooth and even-looking face for the wedding. For the lips, choose soft colors that complement your wedding gown such as light brown, nude or peach. For your eyes, put concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles and always use light colored eyeshadow for the eyelids.





1. Avoid Loud Colored Makeup for Daytime Weddings

Another thing to remember is that if you are having a daytime wedding, you want to avoid waterproof makeup in loud colors but instead opt for soft colored makeup to wear with your bridal gown. However, if you are having a nighttime wedding outdoors or in a hotel banquet room, it is okay to wear dramatic makeup colors such as silver, green, red, blue or gold. These colors are also good for fall and winter weddings.

Bridal Makeup
Bridal Makeup

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2. Pack Extra Makeup for Emergencies

As a bride you will be trying to take care of everything before the wedding and you will also anticipate minor mishaps so it is a good idea to have your maid of honor pack a small emergency bag of makeup in the event your original makeup bag gets lost or if you need to touch up your makeup before taking pictures.