5 Tips on Bridal Makeup


3. Shimmery Eye Makeup A No No

You want to look like a naturally beautiful bride so this is why you should not wear shimmery waterproof makeup for the eyes on your wedding. Matte eyeshadow is preferred by many beauty experts because it is subtle yet still nice looking and it complements the other makeup well.

4. Trim Eyebrows and Use False Eyelashes

When you have neatly trimmed eyebrows, your eyes appear bigger and your makeup becomes more noticeable to others as you walk down the aisle. Be sure that you do not trim the eyebrows too thin and if your natural eyelashes are short, you can put false eyelashes on your natural lashes to create fuller and sexier lashes on your wedding day. Apply waterproof mascara to the lashes.

5. What If My Wedding Dress is Pink?

If your wedding dress is pink, you should not wear pink eyeshadow because it looks too loud and you will appear as a clown. You can wear complementary colors such as purple, burgundy, gray or maroon for your eyeshadow. Blue and green are also good choices for eyeshadow. As for the mascara, you can wear black or brown mascara and brown eyeliner can be worn with a pink wedding dress. In conclusion, with the right waterproof makeup and the use of the above mentioned tips, you will look great as a bride.