5 Top Makeup Tips That Makeup Artists Use Often


If you are interested in developing new ways to apply makeup to your face, eyes and lips, you should research what makeup artists do to get the perfect look on their clients because many makeup artists use techniques that are similar to the techniques that everyday women have used for decades. One idea is to attend a beauty seminar in your city because here you will receive instruction from experienced makeup artists about the best ways to put makeup on. If you are a teen who is applying makeup for the first time, you can watch your mother and older sisters apply makeup then ask them questions. Here are five tips on makeup application according to makeup artists.

1. Keep The Skin Moisturized

Without properly moisturized skin, the makeup artist will have a hard time applying the makeup to his clients’ faces.






Before you put makeup on, you should wash your face with a cleanser and after you do this you need to purchase an organic skin moisturizer that is made with vitamins and herbs since this is a safe way to moisturize your skin. Natural health stores carry this kind of moisturizer and some drugstores have it.

2. Choose The Best Foundation

Another thing makeup artists do is to choose the best foundation that matches their clients’ skin tones. However, if you have an uneven skin tone it gets difficult to find a perfectly matched foundation and in this case you should find a foundation that comes the closest to your skin tone. Test different samplers of the foundation before you buy it and if you find one that matches you well, buy two or three of them so that you will always have some on hand.


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3. Use Lip Liner Before You Put Lipstick On

Some makeup artists apply lip liner on the lips before applying the lipstick and the reason is because it creates the illusion of fuller lips, and it also keeps the lipstick on your lips for several hours. When you buy lip liner, you want to get a color that complements your lipstick color and when applying the lip liner, you do not want to go heavy with it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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