5 Types of Elegant Evening Dresses



There are several types of elegant evening dresses to choose from if you are going out on the weekend and here are tips on choosing the best elegant evening dresses and accessorizing them for your outings.

1. 1960s Elegant Evening Dresses

If you are attending a vintage formal event in which you are required to wear a vintage outfit, you can wear formal dresses that were inspired by the 1960s. During this decade there were still dresses that went below the knee but by the latter half of this decade, formal wear for women consisted of mini dresses that went right above the knee and some dresses were sleeveless. Another idea is to wear gloves with your dress since women in the 60s wore gloves with formal dresses. A line dresses that accentuated the figure were popular in the 60s. Lace and other frilly elegant evening dresses were common in the 60s.

2. Tips on Buying Elegant Evening Dresses

When you are shopping for the right evening dress, you should always try on a few dresses before making a purchase because you want to choose a dress that best flatters your figure. Have the salesperson measure your waist and hips so that you are buying the right size of dress. If you buy an evening dress online, it is especially important that you know your size since it will take time to send the dress back, get a refund and order a new size.

3. Best Fall Colors for Elegant Evening Dresses

Here are some good fall colors for evening dresses. Deep colors such as burgundy, teal, gold, eggplant, violet and navy all work well for the fall if you are buying evening dresses for this season. Orange and red are also good to wear in the fall and metallic colors can also be worn during this season. Copper is a great autumn color for evening wear and so is black or gray.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE