5 Unintelligent Questions to Ask



There are some situations that we are put in and we are faced to act or react a certain way. There are times when people ask certain questions that may not be completely appropriate for the situation at hand. There are some questions that have obvious answers and they are asked simply to make “small talk.”

1. Asking if Someone’s Okay

It’s common that people ask “are you okay” when someone has possibly tripped and fallen. If they are not showing any signs of physical pain people will still ask this question. There are some people that will ask if a person’s okay when they are obviously bleeding and extremely injured. If someone is howling out because he is in so much pain or his leg is broken then he obviously is not okay. Consider the situation before asking the question.





2. Ask for Help

If someone is gasping for air or he is having some sort of an asthma attack and a random stranger comes up and asks if he can help, it’s obvious that he shouldn’t be asking. In that scenario it’s best to call for emergency help immediately instead of trying to make small talk with the person who obviously cannot breathe at the time being.


3. Asking if they were Sleeping

If the phone is ringing at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and you ask the person on the other end of the phone if he was sleeping, it’s probably an unintelligent question to ask. It’s quite obvious that if his voice is groggy on the other end of the phone and if it’s that late into the night, he is most likely sleeping. It it’s not an emergency it’s probably best to avoid that phone call altogether in order to avoid sarcastic remarks on the other end of the phone.