5 Unknown Things the Coffee Maker Can Do For You



If you think your coffeemaker can only be used for preparing fresh hot coffee or tea, think again because there are numerous things that a coffeemaker can do that you may have never thought about. When you use your coffeemaker for unique purposes, you will find cooking and even cleaning to be easier than you did before discovering the many uses of the coffeemaker. The good thing about using the coffeemaker is that you save on your energy bill and you make fewer messes in the kitchen.



1. Coconut Oil Can Be Heated for Beauty Purposes


Image Source: livelovediy

Do you have some coconut oil that is so thick that it will not come out of the bottle? Well you can heat the coconut oil by placing it in the coffeemaker and let it melt for two to three minutes.This keeps you from using the microwave or the stove, which eats up energy usage in the home and adds to your utility bill. Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "your" was not one of the things I loved doing, though it was heat-stable. It is my belief that heating removes the useful nutrients. However, one day, in being creative, removed the carafe pot from the coffee maker, with the coconut oil placed in a small ramekin. After setting the ramekin on the coffee maker’s hot plate, within 5 minutes, I turned on the machine, melting the coconut oil. The duration depends on the type of machine, and this is why it is necessary to have a close watch on it. This is also done with butter, melting it in the actual carafe if there is the need for you to melt more.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE