5 Unknown Things the Coffee Maker Can Do For You


4. Make Chocolate Milk

To make this healthy drink for the kids to have with their cookies as an afternoon snack, fill the coffeemaker with three to five cups of milk and put a half cup of chocolate syrup and a teaspoonof honey in the carafe. Then heat the milk and stir everything together before adding ice to the milk.

5. Cook Ramen Noodles

If you don’t feel like turning on the stove, you can fix a quick bowl of ramen noodles in the coffeemaker. You save energy this way since it only takes a few minutes to cook the noodles and add the seasoning packet then stirring afterwards.


Food preparation in the coffeemaker is a good way to be resourceful in emergency situations and the taste is not that bad. Some people have even boiled hot dogs in their coffeemakers while others prepared mulled wine or fruit punch in the coffeemakers. After you use your coffeemaker for quick cooking, you want to wash the carafe pot and coffeemaker so that the food scent will not be as strong when you decide to use it for coffee. It is amazing how one coffeemaker can produce a variety of results within minutes and it is just as effective as a stove or oven.