5 Ways of Eliminating Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness


3.      Enough With The Late Nights

 One reason why some people develop dark circles and puffiness under the eyes is because of a lack of adequate sleep at night. You should get at least six to eight hours of sleep and if you work during overnight hours, you should take a long nap when you return home the next day so that you will be refreshed and free of the dark circles.


4.      Inquire About Unknown Allergies

 You should talk with your doctor about possible allergies you may have because some people have dark circles under the eye due to allergies. You can get tested for food or environmental allergens in the body that are causing the dark circles under your eyes.


5.      Rub Your Eyes No More

 A bad habit some people pick up is rubbing their eyes harshly and they do not realize that when they rub their eyes too much, it leads to the development of dark circles. If your  eyes are itchy and uncomfortable, it is better to rinse your eyes with warm water.


 Dark circles under the eyes make your eyes look unpleasant and when you use the above mentioned steps, you gradually see a decrease in the dark circles and puffiness. When buying eye creams for this purpose, you want to buy a cream that is made with herbs and essential oils since these ingredients keep your skin healthy, these are the best creams.