5 Ways To Keep The Eyeliner On For Hours


Eyeliner is a necessary aspect of your makeup routine but if you are frustrated with the way your eyeliner comes off within a short period of time when you cry, sweat or get wet in the rain, do not get frazzled because there are ways to keep your eyeliner on for hours. The first step is buying the best eyeliner and waterproof eyeliners are the best because they do not creaee or smudge as easily as mainstream eyeliners. Here are 5 other ways to keep the eyeliner on for hours.

1. Clean Your Eyelids

Clean Your Eyelids

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When you clean your eyelids, you make it easier to keep the eyeliner on the eyelids longer. Another reason you should clean your eyelids before applying the eyeliner is because you decrease smudging and creasing on the eyelids. You can wash the eyelids with a facial cleanser and then add skin moisturizer to the eyelids.


2. Put On Eyeshadow Before Applying Eyeliner

Before Applying Eyeliner

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This is essential in making the eyeliner last because when you put on powder before putting on the eyeliner, you decrease chances of smudging when you apply the eyeliner. Choose an eyeshadow that is in a color that blends with your eyeliner color and that matches your eye color. When you put the eyeliner on your eyelids, you should dab small amounts of eyeshadow over it for extra protection.

 3. Wear Concealer

Wear Concealer

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You want wear concealer under your eyelids and right above your eyelids because concealer prevents smudges from the eyeliner and it enables you to keep the eyeliner on longer without having to reapply the eyeliner frequently during the day. Look for a concealer that matches your skin tone and that is thick enough to cover your skin’s flaws before putting on the eyeliner.