5 Ways to Look Better on a Video Call


It’s every work-from-home type’s worst nightmare: You’re snuggled up in your favorite robe and trusty wire-frame glasses–most likely also with your unwashed hair thrown up in a plastic butterfly clip. Suddenly, your boss requests an impromptu videoconference check-in. Cue massive freak-out.

Quick, here’s how to prep for your on-screen appearance.

1. Swipe on Brow Powder

There’s no time for full makeup, so break out some kind of eyebrow liner and give your face definition with few quick strokes. Your handiwork doesn’t have to be perfect–just a little color will help. Keep the butterfly clip (just maybe don’t turn your head) and skip the mascara. No one’s leaning in to inspect your eyelashes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE