6 Amazing Eye Dusts From Lime Crime



1. Metallic Red

This shade of eye dust from Lime Crime offers a bold look to your eyes and this eye dust color goes well with most red and bright-colored outfits. Another good thing about this eye dust is that it does not smudge or crease quickly and it does not contain toxic chemicals. Customers who purchased the metallic red eye dust from Lime Crime were especially happy with it because they sometimes cannot find good eyeshadow and that this product is what they had been looking for.

2. Nymph White Gold Eye Dust

The Nymph White Gold Eye Dust from Lime Crime is a powdered white eyeshadow that is made from non-animal and non-toxic ingredients.






If you are wearing a wild-colored costume, you should wear this white eye dust because it makes you stand out from the others in costume. This eye dust also does not smudge the eyelids and it gives the eyelids a natural glow.


3. Criminal Eye Dust

This shade of Lime Crime eye dust is a favorite by users of Lime Crime because it comes in a bold light green color and they like how it blends with their eyeliner and other makeup. You can wear this color of Lime Crime eye dust with loud-colored outfits if you are attending a 80s night party or even if your teens are hosting a slumber dress up party.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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