6 Amazing Tattoo Ideas

souce: womenhacks.com

After getting your first tattoo it’s likely that you’re constantly on the lookout for a new idea and in a unique location on your body. If you want to cover your entire body in tattoos or you just want to get a few more, the following are ideas that tend to stand out. They are a way to add a personal touch to your body. Whether it is inspired from personal experience or from feeling inspired, these are ideas that you may fall in love with.

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1. Retro Camera
Whether or not you’re a photographer, a vintage camera is a fantastic idea. There are many people who love to take photos and capture moments because they are a piece of history that you can never take back. By getting some sort of a “time collector” piece on your body it says to others that you embrace the moment and take advantage of each and every day that you have.

souce: womenhacks.com
souce: womenhacks.com

2. Traveling

There are various types of travel tattoo ideas such as getting a compass tattooed onto your body or even a quote about traveling. This is a great idea because it’s timeless and it isn’t cliché or “trendy.” If you aren’t ready for a large tattoo, result in a smaller one or choose a place that has to do with who you are – such as where you were born or something that represents your heritage.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE