6 Best Eye Creams That Hide Your Flaws



So you stayed up late the past three nights because you had to work on a lengthy research paper that is due today and now you have puffy eyes and dark circles. You do not have to despair because the following six eye creams will hide the flaws perfectly and no one will know that you had a rough three nights with the research paper.

  1. Burt’s Bees

This eye cream is great for those with sensitive skin and it reduces puffiness and dark circles within days.







Another good thing about this eye cream is that it moisturizes the skin underneath the eyes so that your eyes will look refreshed and younger. It has been tested by dermatologists, and approved to be powerful against allergies. This is why it is even safe for the most sensitive bunnies. It costs $14.99 only.

  1. Perricone Eye Cream

This eye cream is designed particularly the eyelids and it makes your eyelids firmer and less  droopy. If you have wrinkles and small creases in the eyelids, the Perricone eye cream smoothes them out. The redness in your eyelids also goes away when used. Though at a price of $115, this is more expensive than other products, it also helps to address all aging signs.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE