6 Bright Acid Nail Colors


4. Milani Pink

Milani is an affordable nail polish brand which can be found at any drugstore. This neon pink is perfect for the party animal. It stands out in low lights and is fitting to wear out at the club. Put a couple of these coats on for the best coverage results. In order to really make this stand out you should use a white polish as the base coat. This will also allow the color to stay on longer.

5. China Glaze Orange

This color can be found at any drug store for $6.50. This is the most popular shade of orange for women¬†because it isn’t overly harsh. This is a fantastic hue, long lasting and it is resistant to chips. The color is extremely durable and when it is matched up with hot pink it makes the perfect summer palette.


6. OPI Brand

OPI has an amazing selection of Acid neon colors which are a bit more expensive. They are usually found at a beauty store for $18.10 which is why you should really pick the color that you want in this shade. If you are willing to spend a bit more cash, try the bright yellow. It provides phenomenal coverage and is resistant to chipping.