6 Common Tattoos and their Meanings



At one point in our lives we are going to come across a tattoo that we feel defines us well and is incorporated into our persona. Tattoos are something that we find fascinating and it’s something that we all notice in public. There are some that have meaning behind them and symbolism. There are plenty of people around the world that have at least one ink tattoo on them for one reason or another. Celebrities have plenty of tattoos that mean something to them and the beliefs that they have. Before you get one that you like, make sure that it’s something timeless and a piece of art that you won’t regret getting in the future.

1. Asian Inspired Tattoos

There are many people who choose to get Asian symbols tattooed onto their body. These symbols are something that you should research before actually getting to make sure that you know the exact meaning behind them. These are called logograms that stand for an idea or an object in society, religion or life.

2. Butterfly Tattoos

There are many people who would advise you not to get a butterfly tattoo because it’s very common and it seems a bit too cliché. This is actually a very cool tattoo that infers that you enjoy positive energy. In ancient cultures it was believe that these fragile little insects would transport souls from heart to the heavens above. A lot of fascination with butterflies has to do with their physical transformation. Getting a butterfly tattoo has a deep emotional meaning behind it.

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3. Horus Eye

If you are not familiar with Egyptian culture, the Horus Eye or the “All Seeing Eye” is an image that is supposed to bring good luck to you. The image is supposed to bring the wearer enough wisdom in order to keep him safe from people who wish any bad luck to him. This is an extremely popular tattoo – although it is popular because of how cool it looks this is a good luck charm to many. This could symbolize someone who means a lot to you, someone who protects you and guides you in silence.


4. Celtic Tattoos

There are plenty of Celtic tattoos that people invest in because there’s a lot that you can do with them. Celtic tattoos have to do with crosses, heritage and religion. It also pertains to eternity. These tattoos don’t refer to one religion, but spirituality in general. For those who take on pagan tradition these tattoos are also quite popular.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE