6 Different Ways to Glitter your Nails


4. The Accents

Accents are very fun to finish as well, and they are an easy way to sparkle up your everyday look. You can choose whichever nail or nails that you want to be the accent color. Paint your nails a solider color and then put a glitter coat on top of it, you can also use an opaque tone to accent the nails. After the top coat, you’re done.

5. A Glitter French Top

Have you ever tried a glitter French top? This is a lady-like  way to amp up the glitter, and a way to do it with class. All that you have to do is have a base color with you, glitter and a tip guide or have tip tape. Put the guide or the top on your nail so that it creates a straight line at the top. After that apply the glitter polish! Remove the tape and then put the solid base coat you. You can also do it after the solid coat but make sure that you take some glue off of the tap so that it doesn’t take the solid color off.

6. Diagonal Glitter Nails

A special way that you can put glitter on is by doing diagonal glitter nails. By doing this you can make some really fun shapes on your nails – this is very simple and doesn’t require that you have any extra tools with you. Leave the nails bare or use a solid color as the base coat, tape off a diagonal section then paint the space with glitter polish. After that carefully remove the tape and put on a top coat.

These are the six most effective ways that you can apply glitter to your nails without feeling like you’re overdoing it or not allowing it to fit in with your outfit. All women love a little bit of glitter and when it is put on creatively then it can add that extra flare. This is the perfect look being that it’s spring time.

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