6 Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair



Dealing with curly hair is a challenge when you try a variety of methods to style your hair and it gets time consuming, causing you frustration. You do not have to be stressed any longer because with the following easy hairstyles for curly hair, you will enjoy styling your hair and you will look better as you leave the house.

1. Ponytails and Headband

Two of the simplest ways to style curly hair is to wear a ponytal or a headband. It takes five to ten minutes to style your hair this way and to keep the styles from looking boring everyday, add some decorative hair pins to your hair that match your outfit. If you are a cheerleader or student athlete, these are ideal styles if you have curly hair.

2. French Braid

To style your curly hair this way, you would part your hair in two large sections and then combine these sections to create an intricate braid. This braid looks great for casual outings but you can dress it up formal occasions by putting in a fancy bow.

3. Braided Updo

This is another neat and easy hairstyle for those with curly hair. One kind of braided updo is the double braided version and here is how you fix the style. Start by fixing a French Braid on both sides of your hair and then after this you want to secure the braids across the side of your hair with decorative rubber bands.

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