6 Exercises to Tone your Upper Body


For those who are looking to exercise their upper body, there are many ways that you can do so everyday – at times without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. When you are working out, it is very important to focus on every single part of your body. The upper torso is very important and there are various techniques to getting sculpted arms, torso, breasts and a back. This is a list of those upper-body exercises.


 1. Push up

A favorite amongst women when it comes to sculpting the upper area is the propped up push up which is a lot easier than the traditional push up. You can get a much more efficient workout for your abs, triceps, shoulders and the back area. You will get down on all fours keeping your knees beneath your hips. Keep your back flat and you will need an exercise ball, although some people can use a chair. Press your palms against the ball which should be directly beneath your chest. When you are stead pull your legs straight behind you and make sure to balance your body on the tip of your toes. Keep your feet shoulders wide apart from each other. The only thing that is traditional is the elbow bend and putting your chest down to the ball.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE