6 Fast Food options for Vegans


Just because you are making the attempt to live a healthier lifestyle by not incorporating meat into your diet, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid chain restaurants altogether. Being a vegetarian has become a lot more popular within recent years. If you need some food on the go, then it’s there and convenient. You shouldn’t have to be limited to certain food choices, and that’s why we’ve created a list of foods that you can choose from.

1. Burger King

Believe it or not, at Burger King they have a veggie burger that is perfect to fit into your diet. They live for their slogan by giving you something that is a lot healthier than the average burger. The patty that they use on the patty is a Morning Star garden veggie burger, and this can actually be substituted on any burger of your choice. If you want a whopper with the veggie patty, then you are more than welcome to personalize it. Their fries are also vegetarian friendly so if you need to result to fast food, try this meal out.


 2. Taco Bell

Most of the items on the men at Taco Bell can always have the meat taken out and have beans or rice put in as a substitute. This will give you an infinite amount of options in what you can have on the list. You can choose to have a soft taco with beans instead of the common beef, and you can have a nacho supreme meatless with beans. There are also some side vegetarian dishes such as the fiesta potatoes and the cinnamon twists.

3. Subway

There are plenty of options to choose from if you go to Subway. This is one of the best fast food restaurants for the vegan diet – in fact; it almost doesn’t even seem as if it’s fast food sometimes. The best sandwich to have there is the veggie delight, and if you would like something that fills you up a little bit more you can always get a veggie patty in your sandwich. Also give the eggplant parmesan a go.

Try the Panera Bread veggie items and you may be surprised to figure out how many things they have on their menu for you to choose from. There are plenty of soups, salads and sandwiches that will fit into your diet. You can pick two for one, such as a soup and half of a sandwich.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE