6 Foods to Really Help in Losing Weight



We all know that not all foods are good for us and some foods will put on the weight faster than we can blink. The good news, however, is that there are some ‘power’ foods that will really help you to lose that weight, and keep it off, as you’ve been wanting to do. Below are six foods that will help you, combined with exercise, to lose that weight and burn fat.

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Green beans are an excellent food for losing weight, watching calories and getting vital nutrients. Green beans are high in fiber and also have a lot of water in them, which is essential to your body. You can incorporate green beans into any meal, even breakfast by putting some in an omelet.


Cauliflower isn’t just great as a snack or for a dipping food tray. Cauliflower has fiber, folate and Vitamin C, plus antioxidants which help to fight against cancer. You can eat cauliflower in many different ways instead of just raw; you can steam them or make a mashed cauliflower that much resembles mashed potatoes – only healthier.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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