6 Fun but Nerdy Activities



Let’s face it; all of us are a little nerdy at heart. We do things that we wouldn’t always do in front of other people. While we’re scared to participate in some activities because they don’t seem to be very cool, they can actually be very fun in the privacy of your own home. The following are activities that you can perform all by yourself so that you don’t get too embarrassed by them.

1. Doing Puzzle Games

While many people don’t like to admit that they like to do crossword puzzles or puzzle boards, it’s actually a great way to keep your mind occupied and exercise your noggin. Although it seems a bit nerdy to be doing some of the activities that your grandmother might do, it’s a great way to enhance your memory and keep yourself occupied on your down time.

2. Participating in Geocoaching

Here is an activity that is a favorite amongst the “nerds” of our generation. If you don’t know what the activity is, it is a treasure hunt which consists of using GPS, trinkets and a log sheet.






The participants will download the necessary coordinates, sign their log and move onto the next one until it has been completed. It’s very fun and a great way to play games with your peers.

3. Using a Metal Detector

Here is a classic activity which is often shown on old television shows and movies. By using a metal detector to find missing items it can be quite the treasure hunt. Although it sounds like a nerdy hobby, you may be able to cash in on some treasure that you come across on the beach and even in your backyard.

4. Hounding Rocks

Rock hounding is an activity that not a lot of people participate in unless they really enjoy admiring nature and all of the things that it has to offer. Those who rock hound enjoy searching on trails for unique rocks and gems. There are even telephone applications that will help you to recognize the types of rocks and minerals you are finding. After a while you can build up quite the collection.