6 Home Remedies for Treating Split Ends


Having at home hair treatments for split ends can assist you in growing your hair out and spending less money on products. Products can be extremely expensive and cost way more than most people want to spend. It’s more often that people can have more luck with the ingredients that are in their pantry than the ingredients in salon products. You can take care of your own hair just fine at home; all that you have to do is try some of these at home hair treatments.

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 1. Egg shampoo

Egg shampoo is the most common at home remedy for split ends and in helping to grow out your hair. For this treatment, all that you will need is some rosemary, hot water and one egg. Steep the rosemary in the boiling water for approximately 20 minutes and then let the water cool off. When it is cooled down beat the egg into it and then message that into your hair, just as you would with normal shampoo.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE