6 Keys to Smokey Eyes


Smokey eyes have been in style for some time and there’s no doubt about it; it will probably be in style year-round for quite some time. It is complimentary toward eye colors and can make for a sultry evening look. There is a way to get the perfect smokey eyes using the correct blending.

 1. The key

The key to perfecting it is performing the proper blending. You are going to want to make sure that the colors are blended perfectly and use light base colors with rich dark hues. The good mixes will include a soft gold base, deep purple on the top with a champagne base. Incorporate that with bright blue, peach base and green tints. This process will take about 10 minutes.

 2. Eye shadow

The key to keeping the eye shadow on your eyelid and prevent it from melting is by keeping the eye lids free of oil. In order to do this, use a primer as an eye shadow base. Swipe this across the eye and allow it to dry out before you continue onto the next step. The best primers are Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and MAC’s paint primer.

3. Black

If you are going to use a basic black color, brown or grey, then you will want to apply liner on one of those colors right above the upper lash line. Draw a line thicker in the middle of the eye for exaggeration. If you are going to opt out for jewel toned eyes, line the eyes with blue, deep green or purple. If you want to have a gorgeous smokey eye, you should also use violet makes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE